September 12, 2023

A Warrior Against Fear

Before there was David, there was a prayer warrior. Samuel was old. He was retired. He believed his work was finished. But he promised to never stop praying for the people he had served. Then God called on Samuel to be part of the answer to his prayer and to perform one more act of service.
August 29, 2023

Don’t Be Afraid of Who Gets the Credit

Perhaps the hardest conflicts for us as Christians come within our own ranks. The devil loves to provoke us and divide us so that we are no longer aware of his tactics. Gideon's biggest problem wasn't Midian. It was within his compatriots.
August 15, 2023

Where is God’s Man or Woman?

The world is constantly looking for a man or a woman who will step up and provide real leadership. We long for someone who will take charge and solve the world's problems. In country after country, we see politicians make bold promises, offer solutions, and inevitably disappoint the masses.
July 18, 2023

Live Fearless in “Retirement”

At one time Moses was on top of the world. He had attended the most prestigious university of his day. He was wealthy and wore the best clothing. He had servants and knew all the right people. He wielded genuine power. Everything about his situation and his future was positive. He threw it all away because he chose to identify with the persecuted rather than the persecutors.
July 5, 2023

How to Fight Your Giant

The following is an excerpt from our book about how David fought and defeated the Philistine giant Goliath: Look at him! Goliath is nearly ten feet tall. Wears 125 pounds of armor. Wields a spear that looks like a fence rail. He is a terrifying sight. That is the way it is with giants. They want you to believe your eyes and ears. They want you recognize the impossible odds. Why fight them when you know you cannot win? But if all you do is rely on your physical senses, you miss the full picture.
June 20, 2023

Don’t Run Away From Your Fears

I heard Brother Andrew preach about Jonah over three nights at an evangelistic campaign in a Muslim country. His approach was fun and challenging. The following is an excerpt from our book: Try to understand Jonah’s problem. He was ordered to go to the enemy of his people. The Assyrians were making forays into northern Israel where Jonah lived. It is entirely possible that they had attacked his home village of Gath-hepher. Perhaps Assyrians had killed his parents. Maybe he had watched soldiers rape his sisters. If that’s the case, we can certainly understand why Jonah hated this assignment. Being told to go to Nineveh would be like being ordered today to go to Baghdad. Or Mogadishu. Or Pyongyang, North Korea. Read more in my blog about the mistakes Jonah made...
June 6, 2023

We Can Learn How to Live Fearlessly!

Our new book, Fearless by Faith, will be published on August 1. Brother Andrew and I want to help people learn to listen to God for His instructions, then boldly engage in spiritual battle in whatever way He chooses to use us. The instructors are five Old Testament warriors. Allow me to introduce them to you:
May 23, 2023

Fearless in the Arena of Conflict?

Sometimes I feel so helpless when I look at our culture. What can I do? My friend Brother Andrew asked that question of God many times. And God gave him specific instructions about what to do. As a result, as Andrew often said, “I did what I couldn’t!”                 But wasn’t Brother Andrew special? No, he insisted he was an ordinary Dutchman. Anyone could do what he did if they personally knew his amazing God.                 Inspiration for this way of life came from various Bible characters. One of his favorite was Elijah (see 1 Kings 17-19). The following introduces Elijah’s cultural context. It sound a lot like the arena of conflict we face today.