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Book Testimonials

  • Most marriage books start and end with "how to." But Al Janssen asks a much deeper question, "Why did God create marriage?"
    John Trent, Ph.D.
  • A foundation book for our time.
    Dennis Rainey
    Former President - President and CEO of FamilyLife
  • Al Janssen has written a book on the Good Book that tells us how a sick marriage can heal, a good marriage can get better, and the best marriage can understand itself. No book I have read in recent years helps me understand how God feels and what the Bible has to say quite like this one.
    Dr. Calvin Miller
    Author and Pastor
  • By delving into God’s model for marriage…Al Janssen gives a foundation for what I have been teaching all these years.

    Gary Smalley
    Smalley Relationship Center
  • Al Janssen has done it again! For years, The Joy That Lasts, a book he coauthored with Gary Smalley, was my favorite. Now just like loving my mom’s peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies, I have two favorite Al Janssen books. The Marriage Masterpiece paints the picture of God’s design of marriage: a covenant marriage meant to last.

    Dr. Gary Rosberg
    America's Family Coaches
  • This is a book that invites applause and criticism. It will edify and offend, fostering healthy and much-needed discussion and debate in the Western Church.