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Fearless by Faith Testimonials

Fearless by Faith is a book I wished I could have read as a new believer at 18 years of age. The Bible-centered life of Brother Andrew, plus the writing skills of Al Janssen, masterfully center modern, spiritual challenges squarely within the Word of God. My mentor reminded me endlessly, “Whenever you have spiritual problem you cannot solve, what Bible Story are you telling yourself that addresses your challenge?” Brother Andrew and Al Janssen prophetically presents us with a Bible in present active tense! Andrew never believed that the Bible was only a record of what God used to do but a clear spiritual road map illuminating God’s demands upon His children. What a gift!

Dr. Nik Ripken

Nik Ripken Ministries, and Author of THE INSANITY OF GOD

Brother Andrew lived by a simple but potent creed: "If you fear God, you need not fear any man." While I'm sad that this is his last book now that the Lord has taken him home to glory, I'm so grateful this dear Dutch brother--and his steadfast colleague, Al Janssen--wrote Fearless by Faith before it was too late. It's an absolute gem. Encouraging. Inspiring. And so timely. As the world seems to spin wildly out of control and persecution against the Church intensifies, we urgently need to discover the lessons that Brother Andrew gleaned from the Scriptures, truths that gave him great courage to take the light of Christ into great darkness. I've learned so much from the biblical prophets and warriors that Brother Andrew studied and taught about--David, Elijah, Jonah, Moses and Gideon. I pray you will too.

Joel Rosenberg

New York Times Best-selling Author of such books as THE LAST JIHAD, EPICENTER, and ENEMIES AND ALLIES

Book Testimonials

  • Most marriage books start and end with "how to." But Al Janssen asks a much deeper question, "Why did God create marriage?"
    John Trent, Ph.D.
  • A foundation book for our time.
    Dennis Rainey
    Former President - President and CEO of FamilyLife
  • Al Janssen has written a book on the Good Book that tells us how a sick marriage can heal, a good marriage can get better, and the best marriage can understand itself. No book I have read in recent years helps me understand how God feels and what the Bible has to say quite like this one.
    Dr. Calvin Miller
    Author and Pastor
  • By delving into God’s model for marriage…Al Janssen gives a foundation for what I have been teaching all these years.

    Gary Smalley
    Smalley Relationship Center
  • Al Janssen has done it again! For years, The Joy That Lasts, a book he coauthored with Gary Smalley, was my favorite. Now just like loving my mom’s peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies, I have two favorite Al Janssen books. The Marriage Masterpiece paints the picture of God’s design of marriage: a covenant marriage meant to last.

    Dr. Gary Rosberg
    America's Family Coaches
  • This is a book that invites applause and criticism. It will edify and offend, fostering healthy and much-needed discussion and debate in the Western Church.